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June 14, 2012
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Naruto thought for a long time about how he could finally bring Sakura to fall in love with him. But it did not help. She just was more attracted by Sasuke. So he decided to change this one for all. For days he hid in his apartment, and even with an A-rank mission Tsunade could not lure him out.
After almost 30 days Hinata decided to see on things. She was worried about Naruto and feared that maybe he was sick or worse. The neighbors claimed that they had heard strange noises coming from Naruto's apartment. This made Hinata even more nervous and anxious.

As she entered the apartment, she met almost a stroke. It looked as if a bomb had struck. The whole room was littered with dirty clothes and food scraps. She hardly dared to enter, and called his name softly and hesitantly.
"Na…Naruto?" There was no answer.
Carefully, she went further and called again and again Naruto's name. What she had not noticed was that a flash had appeared shortly after she set her foot across the threshold.
"Na…Naruto? Are you alright?" Again, no answer, only a low hum and a short beep broke the silence.
It was dark in the room, so she did not recognize much. But when she ventured further, she noticed something big that was in the middle of the room.
"Wha…What is that?" she asked herself.
The buzzing and beeping coming from the object under the tarp and now she also recognized the flashing light, which had been dampened by the tarp.
She wondered now what Naruto hidden underneath. Actually, she was usually too afraid to be curious, but today it was different. It was, after all, her beloved Naruto.

She pulled back the curtain and looked at the machine, which presented her now in the dim room light. It was a more than uncomfortable overbearing chair that seemed to be associated with multiple arms, but whose function Hinata only could guess.
"What is this thing for?" She asked softly. She shuddered slightly as the beeping and buzzing grew louder.
"Target located. Beginning with procedure of reprogramming and adaptation."
The machine suddenly woke to life. Before Hinata could turn away, she was grabbed by two mechanical arms and pulled down on the chair. He was really uncomfortable.
"Target object Sakura Haruna fixed." The machine reported emotionless.
Hinata tried to fight back and listened to what the machine said.
"N... No," she cried in surprise. "I'm not Sakura" She struggled and tried to free himself, but it did not work.
"Let me go, you tin can," she cried in despair, but nothing helped.
The other mechanical arms came to life and began their work. Hinata felt her clothing was torn from her and finally something cold touched her skin. She squealed and got goose bumps.
"Start with the installation of the new uniform.", the machine was commenting the procedure. Hinata felt like her more and more of her clothing was removed and replaced with the cold hard skin, was docked to her, and linked together.
"Please let me go ... I'm Hinata, not Sakura"
But the machine did not care about her statements. Another arm fell in front of her eyes, and she felt almost immediately dizzy. "What ... what are you doing with me?" She asked, dazed.
This time the engine answered immediately.
"Target object is reprogrammed to an obedient robot."
Hinata had to swallow. What Naruto had to do with this thing?
She felt more and more of the cold plates on her skin, her complete lower body and legs were completely covered.
"Why?" She asked, dazed more.
"To please the Master"

Hinata felt herself slipping away more and more and she had given up the weirs previously.
She could feel the metal plates made their way to her upper body and finally covered her breasts. She felt for a while already uncomfortable pressure on her hips, which seemed to be now extended to a very unpleasant manner to her chest.
"Can't breathe .. ... pressure ... too much ..." she brought forth, panting.
"Examine target object ... irregularities in the body discovered. Hip and chest circumference are above the expected level. Adjust armor to new body measurements."
Hinata had almost lost consciousness when she felt the pressure slowly subsided and she could breathe again.
"Scanning the brain functions of the target object to adapt and re-programming new directives."
Hinata had wondered for a while, as long as she had been able to.
She had come to the conclusion to let machine do its work in peace, because somehow felt the new armor very good on her, and she felt her nipples were hardened.
"Brain functions normally ... Resistance Level: Low ... obedience: 85%"
The machine paused "Go on with reprogramming, adjust the level of adjustments to values found"
Hinata is more relaxed and let it all happening. This way she could at least be near her beloved Naruto ... no near her beloved master. Hina ... No Sakura would be a good robot and do everything that would require her master of her.
With these thoughts, which were slowly adapted and perfected a helmet lowered down on Hinatas head. With a soft hiss the helmet was attached to the rest of the suit and sealed.
"Settings and reprogramming successful.
Brain functions: normal
obedience: 100%
New directives: Obey and serve Master Naruto.
New Name: Sakurabot 01
Dismiss target object of the holders."

Hinata stood up without hesitation and stood at attention in front of of the machine
"Sakurabot 01 ready to serve the master, and obey."
Now she was waiting for Naruto, her master, came back and gave Sakurabot her first command.
She was looking forward to be at his service.

Another liuttle story for [link] from

It has got a sequel [link]

Hope u enjoy it ^^

Hinata and Naruto don't belong to me
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